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This is All About me

This is All About me...

Hi guys and welcome to my world!

I'm a fifty-something year old adult, who really should know better than to speak from the heart with passion and conviction about subjects as wide ranging as gardening to walking. I love spending time outdoors in both urban settings, for example my back or front gardens and in rural settings. Dare I reveal that the West Pennine Moors has come to be one of my most favourite places in the world? No surprises there then!

The Gardening thing

This started when along with a card containing £80 for my 50th birthday, my boss gave me a Téte a téte daffodil...and I loved it. I put this solitary charmer (I''m going on about the plant now, not my boss), in the front garden and for a while...forgot about it. Then, all of a sudden, one year in February the little flower popped up again. Given that I had essentially planted it in leaf litter and no more than an inch of rock-hard soil this was something of a miracle. The next time that I was in a garden centre with Chris (my other half for those who don''t know!) I wanted to get a companion for the solitary narcissus. Within a month I had about seven of them, we were going to different garden centres just to buy different varities...I get a little enthused it''s fair to say!

The Walking thing

We'd all love to swan off to the Lake District every weekend... ...it's not always possible, for me anyway. Some times I have to stay a bit closer to home - Southport in the north-west of England, where it's pretty damn flat. And herein lies the pay-off, we have The Moss and a magnificent, changing coastline to walk alongside. So while it would be fantasic to be up Great Gable, Skiddaw or Helvellyn each and every Sunday, it's not like I'm stuck for stunning scenery and each time I go there I notice more.

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